Travelling TBR

Long time, no set TBR! As of Thursday morning, I'm travelling to various cities in the UK to see one of my favourite bands Holding Absence. I'm not bringing any paperpack books so needed space won't be taken up and also to not have my luggage weigh me down, so I created a collection on … Continue reading Travelling TBR

The Best Book Post

It's not a secret how much I love Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles (which if you still haven't seen my review - are you living in a cave? you can check it out here), well guess what arrived for me today! BOOKSHOP GIRL 2 AKA LIFE'S A BEACH! *insert screams here* Isn't she stunning?! Look … Continue reading The Best Book Post

July TBR

I don't usually make a monthly TBR, I tend to just go with the flow. But, since making a bookstagram I've seen so many people posting theirs and it inspired me! So here's what I plan on reading this month. The Survivor by Sean Slater, library book Turtles All The Way Down by John Green, … Continue reading July TBR