Review: Life’s a Beach by Chloe Coles

In the latest installment of the Bookshop Girl series, Paige and Holly escape to seaside town Skegton-On-Sea to work at a book festival. What could be better than that?! Well, soon they find out that things won't be as dreamy as they expected... Having absolutely fell in love with Bookshop Girl, I was over the … Continue reading Review: Life’s a Beach by Chloe Coles

The Best Book Post

It's not a secret how much I love Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles (which if you still haven't seen my review - are you living in a cave? you can check it out here), well guess what arrived for me today! BOOKSHOP GIRL 2 AKA LIFE'S A BEACH! *insert screams here* Isn't she stunning?! Look … Continue reading The Best Book Post