5 Books in 5 Days

Hey all! Long time no post.. nothing new there. I had a spark of motivation a few days ago and decided to challenge myself to read 7 books in 7 days. As you can tell by the title, I gave up on that but I still did a good job if I do say so … Continue reading 5 Books in 5 Days

Big Kindle Book Unhaul

Picture this. It's my day off, and I've had the chance to sit down and finish the very last physical book I own that I haven't read. So now what? Time to get through all the kindle books I purchased years ago and abandoned! However, since purchasing most of these books my reading taste has … Continue reading Big Kindle Book Unhaul

Goodreads TBR

Just like many other bookworms, I am forever adding new books to my To Be Read on Goodreads. And hardly ever actually getting round to reading those books. I've just got a new phone, and I'll be using the Goodreads app a lot more now. I used to use it so frequently however my previous … Continue reading Goodreads TBR