Bookshop Girl Series by Chloe Coles *Spoilers*

Bookshop Girl

Sixteen year old Paige Turner has been working at Bennett’s Bookshop for two months before receiving news that it’s about to become just another casualty of the high street. She decides to put her best activist foot forward but saving Bennett’s won’t be easy in a small town like Greysworth. Along the way there’ll be boys, feminism, and naked bodies!

This book overflows with personality – each character feels 3D and the book as a whole feels like a breath of fresh air. Its timing is very relevant in a day where too many libraries and bookstores are closing down for one reason or another.

I love the friendship between Holly and Paige – they do bicker but their bond is unbreakable. I also love supportive and confident Sue, and serious fittie Blaine made me so mad.

Life’s a Beach

Holly and Paige are off to Skegton-on-Sea to attend a book festival! What a dream – until things don’t go how they expected… the pair have worked a load of additional hours to afford the trip, and then the tickets sell out before Paige is able to buy them. Their grumpy boss Tony managed to hook them up which now means they’ll have to help sell the books and deal with egotistical authors!

Life’s a Beach is such a laugh out loud book. Chloe is able to make words glow off the page and it makes reading so delightful.

Bookshop Girl in Paris

Forget romance – Paige is off on a work exchange with the one and only book thief Blaine. Volunteering in Pages of Paris is suddenly a lot less of a perfect opportunity to explore all the sights Paris has to offer but she’ll do her best. And what’s a day in Paige’s life without causing mayhem and a good protest?

There’s little better than diving back into this series and experiencing magic all over again. Paige gets up to her usual chaos and writes all about it on postcards for Holly, attends life drawing classes again and gets advice and comforting friendship from some lovely Parisian folk.

Overall this series is a joy to read, I’m always in need of a fun, light-hearted book and these books are exactly that. I just love them!

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