A New Decade pt. 1

Hello, readers of my blog. It’s been a while. I’ve been thinking about posting on here again when the time feels right and what better time than the start of 2020?

In today’s post, I’m just going to look through the 4 years of Goodreads Year in Books I have, going over my reading habits and whatnot.

2016: I read 75 books, the average length was 362 pages. I read The Book Thief in this year, which remained my all time favourite book for so long. I read a lot of thrillers and from what it seems, a lot of books that were free with Kindle Unlimited. This was, for sure, the year I got back into reading.

2017: I think someone replaced me this year with a person who was able to read 146 books – what the hell, past me? How did I manage that? I read the Harry Potter series for the first time in my life, as well as It by Stephen King and the Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series’. The average book length this year was 343 pages, maybe less than the previous year, regardless of having read some thick books, due to reading some comics. I read a lot more Young Adult books than I did in 2016, and most seem to be what I’d borrowed from a library.

2018: I got through 84 books this year, average length being just 301 pages. I started using Netgalley and read some really amazing books. There’s actually so many books I could highlight (and probably have in previous posts I’ve made) but overall this was a great reading year. Very YA heavy and it seems I started to really discover what I enjoy reading.

2019: I only read 46 books last year, with 334 pages being the average length. Bit of an iffy year both with how few books I read in comparison to the other years, and with what books I read. Definitely some books I loved, but also a lot of books that are rather forgettable.

I ended 2019 with only two unread physical books! I never thought I’d manage that. I have a big pile of books to give away to friends or donate to charity, and for Christmas I got a £30 Waterstones voucher so I look forward to getting some lovely new books.

I’ll be writing a second post shortly to go through all the books over these years that upon reflection stand out to me. I’ve done monthly and yearly wrap ups before but usually the books are still quite fresh in my memory, so it’d be nice to see how (or, if) my thoughts have changed over time.

Thanks for reading – I hope this new year brings you everything you’d like it to. Georgia 🙂 x

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