Review: The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

Introducing The Paper & Hearts Society, the best book club in the entire universe!

Tabby Brown would rather stay at home reading a book than go to a party, but for that her peers think of her as a loser. Having moved away she ventures to the local library and stumbles across a poster for a book club, and despite how anxious she feels about attending she gives it a go. It’s not going to be completely smooth sailing when things she’s trying to leave in the past come back to ruin her new friendships for her, but it might just be that she’s finally found a place she fits in.

I am in love, you guys. The friendship in this book has filled my heart with warmth and happiness and I’m completely in my feelings right now. And the cute romances! They developed at such a nice pace, and didn’t just feel like characters were being smushed together for the sake of it.

Something that makes The Paper & Hearts Society so special is that it’s literally about books. Expect to see casual references to YA books, aswell as Classics (would this be a Lucy Powrie book without?). My favourite was the recommendation of The Fallen Children by David Owen, which I actually read and reviewed last year.

The anxiety rep is flawless, I can’t fault it. Watching Tabby be consumed by a situation she’s too scared to tell her new friends about in fear of being judged or hated made me feel incredibly sad, but it was oh so relatable. I know she is a fictional character but I just get how bad past experiences can change your entire thought process, especially when you’ve yet to make new memories that’ll help you heal. I wanted to reach in and tell her it’ll all be okay.

To be completely honest, up until a few days ago I was unsure whether I’d read this book. When it comes to books with a lot of hype surrounding them I get nervous. What if everyone else likes it and I’m the only one that didn’t? But my keen eyes spotted TP&HS whilst browsing a certain bookstore I happen to inhabit fairly frequently, and I started flicking through its pages to decide whether I think I’ll enjoy it. Yeah, there was no chance I was leaving without it.

I’m actually writing this review at almost 2am, as despite having work later today I’ve just consumed the book in one sitting and I have to write my thoughts down right away. Blame how fantastic this book is. Blame Lucy for creating such a wonderful world that is so vivid and full of life and adventure.

The Paper & Hearts Society is overflowing with good, wholesome content and I cannot wait for the next instalment in this series! Take it from me, even if you don’t initially think you’re going to love this book – you will.

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