Boyfriend Picks My TBR

Last week my boyfriend and I went on a very short trip to Edinburgh as I had a tattoo booked and he had time off work. We flew there as we didn’t fancy spending 6 hours each way on trains, and with the brilliant luck we have the already late at night flight was delayed to almost midnight. So, I got up the Kindle app – I was yet to have downloaded any books to my new phone – and got curious about what books he’d choose for me to read.

He does own some books but isn’t an active reader and I just told him to pick a few based on their covers. I already had these books purchased so they had appealed to me previously, though pretty much all of the books on my Kindle have just been metaphorically collecting dust for however long.

I’m going to read 1 or 2 short physical books before starting these ones but I shall update as I progress through them! Also, in true me style, I ended up barely reading in Edinburgh or on the flights. I have no excuse for this. Don’t judge me.

The Books He Chose:

  • Panic Button by Charlie Gallagher
  • The Year After You by Nina de Pass
  • Forget Her Name by Jane Holland

I think he’d have chosen more thrillers if I let him, buuuut I may have influenced the result by leading him towards some YA books.

Fingers crossed I like them!

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