My Issue With My Kindle

Here me out…

I’m going to try and compose my thoughts enough so that this post isn’t all over the place. Bare with me.

When I first got my Kindle, I was super excited – cheap books! That don’t take up space! Yay!

So I initially went a little wild and purchased a Lot of books. Even if I was only slightly interested in the book I was buying.

At the same time, I’d still go into bookshops and get more books. Which were usually, due to their higher price, the books I actually wanted to read and had a lot of hype for.

This then meant my Kindle books got neglected. However, I was never too bothered as, due to being on a small electronic device, I could easily ignore them.

So, my focus has always been on reading my physical TBR. Because of this, whenever I actually want to read on my Kindle there’s a serious lack of books I actually care for. Most I don’t even remember purchasing.

I think it’s definitely easier with eBooks to buy too many and not fret because they don’t take up much space, however it’s still wasteful as money is still being spent on them!

I donate almost all of my physical books after reading them, so really it would make more sense for me to just purchase books exclusively on my Kindle. It’d save money and space, and if I do fall in love with a book I can keep it without stressing about where to keep it!

I haven’t been buying many books recently, but I’m going to try to make a conscious effort when I want a new book to just get it on my Kindle, regardless of whether it’s more expensive than most eBooks (though still always cheaper than a physical copy!)

As a result of this, I hope to use my Kindle more frequently, and be less stressed about owning an unnecessary amount of books – whether that’s physical or digital copies! I also plan on a Kindle unhaul at some point too, as I’m sure my book tastes have changed in the time most of these books were added…

Well, thats all of my thoughts on this for the time being, I hope you’re all having a great day!

Georgia 🙂 x

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