Review: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment.”

Natasha and her family are 12 hours away from being deported. Daniel has always lived up to his parents expectations, despite wanting a completely different life than what they want for him. Could it be fate when Natasha and Daniel’s lives collide?

I’ve never seen anything negative about The Sun is Also a Star, but it just never really caught my interest. However, my local train station has a charity book sale and it was going for 50p so I thought I might aswell get it! (thank you boyfriend for having change on you.)

Wow, am I glad I gave this book a chance! The prologue is what drew me in – I read it before buying it and that’s what attracted me. I loved the short chapters that alternated between characters and also occasionally facts, if you’re not new to my blog you’ll know I’ve been struggling for a few months to actually read a book but these chapter styles helped me stay focused and made me want to read on.

Some of my favourite things about The Sun is Also a Star

  • The chapter Irene, A History
  • The chapter Hair, An African American History
  • Natasha’s chapter that begins with EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON (page 34)
  • How Daniel wears his heart on his sleeve

All else I’m going to say is, please read this book. It is absolutely stunning and captivating, I finished it a few months ago now and still think about it.

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