Review: Clean by Juno Dawson

Following an overdose, 17 year old socialite Lexi gets whisked away to Clarity Centre A.K.A. the daunting rehab facility by her concerned brother Nikolai. Here she has to confront her problems and come to terms with the fact that drugs aren’t a solution.

I was absolutely hooked on Clean from page 1, I’ve never read any of Juno’s books before but the writing was so captivating that I was sacrificing sleep to read more.

Clean was split into parts (based on the 10 Steps of Recovery programme), rather than chapters but nothing about it felt like it dragged – I’d have happily read many more pages and was a bit gutted when I realised I was nearing the end.

I loved the characters. Lexi was snappy, defensive and stubborn but anyone would be if they were shipped away against their will to recover. I genuinely felt for her, I could tell she had a protective barrier up. I think Brady and Kendall were my other favourites, but overall each character brought something special to this book and its depth.

I’m actually slightly annoyed at myself for not reading this beauty of a book sooner, and I’ll be checking out Juno‘s other books.

“I am Stronger than I think I am”

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