Review: The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown

Sydney’s dad has tragically died and Syd isn’t convinced it was an accident. In a town where everyone knows eachother and there’s unexpected faces at his funeral, what really happened that night?

I’ve followed Sav online for such a long time and adored her words, I’ve read Graffiti and have been anticipating having TTAKS in my hands since it was announced. Naturally, I was nervous, what if I didn’t like it? It sounded right up my street but still the worry was there.

Luckily, I absolutely adored this book. The chapters were all a fantastic length though the story itself is probably what helped with that as I did not want to put it down. I was completely smitten.

I felt like I was reading The Truth About Keeping Secrets in Savs voice the entire time and it was marvellous. I doubt main character Sydney has the same voice as Sav however my brain merging the two together made the book come to life. With such beautiful and delicate words it’s clear Sav put her heart into this book, it’s just stunning.

I love the development between Syd and June, and June being so mysterious aswell as other characters being sketchy as hell had me guessing every other page whodunnit. All the characters were fleshed out enough for me to feel a certain way about, even if they weren’t such an important character.

The way grief consumes Syd is hard to read, she’s desperate for someone to blame for her fathers sudden death but with feeling like no one is on her side, she struggles. Luckily Leo came along and his friendship brought Syd some well needed support. Abusive relationships is also a well done topic in this book.

I really loved the mystery element alongside the romance, neither was overpowering and balanced eachother really well. Nothing felt forced and it all flowed gracefully. I’d easily recommend this book to others and it definitely deserves a whole lot of love.

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