Everyone Should Read In The Country We Love by Diane Guerrero (with Michelle Burford)

Can you imagine being just 14 years old and returning home from school to discover that your family have been deported? Diane lived in fear of this, but always hoped it would never happen. In this book, she tells her story. The story of how she coped and survived and built a life for herself against all odds after her nightmare came true.

Having watched Orange is The New Black from the start, Maritza being one of my favourite characters, I have obviously followed Diane on instagram and been aware for far too long that I need to read her memoir. Well, I finally got round to it.

In The Country We Love isn’t an easy read, some tears were definitely shed, but it is an incredibly important read. Diane isn’t alone in her experiences, as stated in this book an average of 17 children every day are placed in state care after their parents are detained and deported. However, no one checked up on Diane.

It’s so scary knowing that the authorities can just let children slip through the cracks, often end up homeless and in harms way, after their parents have been deported. Diane had family friends welcoming enough to allow her to stay at their house, but this is not the case for many.

Honestly, finding the words to describe my feelings about this book is hard. There’s no way I can do it justice in the way it deserves. Alongside her childhood itself aswell as how she ended up on OITNB, she speaks about things such as how building the wall would not work and facts on immigration. Those who flee to America typically take on jobs Americans would rather not do, that don’t pay enough, where they get treated terribly.

I was over the moon for Diane at the parts where good things finally happened to her. Getting into college, having a nice therapist, getting the Orange job, meeting Obama. Naturally someone started cutting onions during these parts of the book in addition to the heartbreaking parts.

Diane is just one of the who knows the true amount of people who had no choice but to grow up quicker than her peers. She’s chose to tell her story in hopes of helping others who can relate feel less alone.

In The Country We Love is an absolute must-read.

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