Review: Blackbird by N.D. Gomes

New Years Eve: 15 year old Alex’s sister Olivia never returns from a party.

The missing person investigation isn’t moving as quickly as Alex would like, so she begins searching for clues herself to find what has happened to her sister.

I have mixed feelings about this book! I feel like it started off a bit all over the place and rather repetitive, but I got very attached to Alex very quickly regardless. I really felt sorry for her, she desperately wanted her sister to come home safe. With her thoughts being consumed by Olivia’s disappearance, she stops attending school and starts pushing friends away. Her parents are being absent towards her because of their own worry and grief. I just wanted to reach into the pages and give the poor girl a hug!

This book certainly didn’t go how I expected it to. I didn’t really get why birds were a part of it, especially in the synopsis. And I thought the majority of Blackbird would be trying to work out where Olivia is, it didn’t go that way though and as a result was quite an emotional and intense read! As always with thrillers, I tend to just suspect every character as the bad guy, so I can’t say I was shocked at the ending but I liked the way it came to be.

In the end, I gave Blackbird 4 stars as I was quite invested in the story and its outcome. I read it in one sitting and will probably throw it at a friend for them to read.

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