Review: A Girl Called Shameless (The Exact Opposite Of Okay #2) by Laura Steven

Following on from The Exact Opposite Of Okay, Izzy is trying to decide what she wants to do with her life – she’s balancing school and writing a screenplay, aswell as trying to get a job to help out her lovely gran, Betty. But when she finds out nude photos of a girl called Hazel leaked, the Bitches Bite Back. A Girl Called Shameless sees Izzy and her friends take the fight for slut shaming to end to the next level.

A little under a year ago, The Exact Opposite of Okay was the first book I reviewed for this blog! You can check that review out here. As you can see, A Girl Called Shameless has a gorgeous cover, that fits so well with her older sister TEOOO. Both of these books hold a special place in my heart and I’m so grateful for Laura writing them.

Though I haven’t forgot the key parts of TEOOO, AGCS does give us a recap. And I love that! I have a really bad memory, and having read so many books since reading TEOOO it was great to have a reminder.

In typical Izzy style, AGCS is full of humor (aswell as the word “foofer”, and the questioning of how a sex doll would pronounce the word vagina) despite the less than ideal situation Izzy and co are dealing with. There’s so much support in this book though, Bitches Bite Back ends up as an army of strong women. Laura has produced wonderful new characters, I especially love Hazel and Bella (trans rep!) , aswell as strengthened the ones we already know. Izzy isn’t tolerating any of Danny’s rubbish!

Upon realising that nothing can really change while revenge porn is legal, Bitches Bite Back decide to put on a rally to try and change the law. However, how much impact can high school girls have in a small town full of people not wanting change?

This book also brings up how poverty is a cycle, and gives the example of not being able to afford a decent, long lasting pair of shoes and as a result having to buy cheap shoes that soon fall apart and therefore spending more money to buy more cheap shoes.

A Girl Called Shameless had me feeling all of the feels; sadness, hurt, anger, disgust, but also wild amounts of joy and laughter. A true rollercoaster of emotions in its 334 pages. As expected, this book is incredibly important and deserves so much love and appreciation.

We make noise – a lot of it.

We fight as hard as we can. Because we’re bitches, right? And bitches bite back.”

5 thoughts on “Review: A Girl Called Shameless (The Exact Opposite Of Okay #2) by Laura Steven

  1. Love the review, such a fun book that makes a point of putting the problem front and centre as well as being literally laugh out loud funny and shows the power of bitches biting back


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