Review: Heartstopper vol. 1 by Alice Oseman

Boy meets boy.

Boys become friends.

Boys fall in love.

Alice Oseman is incredibly talented. Heartstopper may just be my favourite book of hers so far, perhaps because I’ve been in need of an easy read recently and I know I can always rely on graphic novels for that. I’ve been awaiting its release for a long time, but because my tbr pile is so large I didn’t plan on reading it right away, however my lovely boyfriend got me it so I just had to!

Due to Heartstopper being a graphic novel, I knew I’d be able to read it super quickly. I got cosy in bed and devoured it in just sixteen minutes, even faster than I was expecting, and because of how fast I read it I’ll probably re-read it in future when I’m needing something lighthearted.

I adored Heartstopper right from page 1, or even the front cover for that matter. Without fail, I always get so attached and invested in Alice’s characters almost immediately and in this case her illustrations also. Even with a limited amount of words every character felt so real, and reading/looking at the blossoming feelings Nick and Charlie have for eachother warmed my heart and gave me all the fuzzy feels.

I definitely had tears by the end, which I can’t say I thought would ever happen towards a graphic novel. The playlist, diary entries and little character cards (including things such as each characters birthday, gender and sexuality, and even Hogwarts house) really were the icing on top of this magnificent cake. I’m so excited for vol. 2, to see how Nick and Charlie’s relationship develops and also to learn more about the other characters (more Tara, please!)

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