Review: Night of The Party by Tracey Mathias

How do you speak out if you have no rights?

Having withdrawn from the EU, The Party made it so anyone born outside of England faces arrest and deportation. Failing to report an illegal is a crime.

Zara is an illegal, but she’s the only one who knows how Sophie died. Is it worth risking life as she knows it to tell the boy that she loves, the boy who deserves to know the truth?

This book is another level of brilliance, there’s no other way of putting it.

In a time not so far in the future when Scotland has independence and anyone not BB (British Born) is immediately arrested, a teenager named Sophie dies at a party. No one knows what happened that night except for her friend Zara, but Zara cannot possibly speak out in fear of what will happen to her and her family when it gets discovered she’s not BB. When she starts getting close to Sophie’s brother Ash she realises holding in the truth may be more damaging than keeping it to herself.

Mathias does a really wonderful job at making Zara and Ash’s lives so different, Zara who lives in fear each day and Ash who’s ridden with guilt over the loss of his sister. While I cannot relate to their struggles, I certainly felt for them and spent the majority of my time reading this book sad or scared about the outcome and ended up speechless.

The story got way more intense than I was expecting which certainly isn’t a bad thing and if you’re wanting to read a shocking dystopian that doesn’t greatly differ from reality rather than something lighthearted then this is the book for you.

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