Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

“I wonder – if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?”

Radio Silence follows the life of Frances Janvier, a fangirl of a podcast, who does great academically. She makes sure these things never collide, though. One day she meets a shy boy named Aled who, it turns out, is the creator of her favourite podcast and a beautiful friendship forms.

So. This book has been on my TBR since January last year. No, I have no excuse to why I hadn’t read it before now, but at least I got round to it eventually. And wow, I am glad I did.

I loved everything about this book. The writing style I adored and I loved all of the conversation and the friendship and the chapter titles aswell as their short lengths that had me reading it all within 2 sittings.

I am fully aware there’s no way I can do justice to this incredible book. There’s no words to describe how special it is. It explores gender, sexuality, the pressure on teens to go to uni and be high achievers, and abusive parents. This book really reminds me why I love YA books: they dare to tackle topics that many people want to silence.

Alice is such a talented writer, she has such a way with words that I wanted to be a part of the story – I wanted to be a fan of Universe City! The writing had a lovely, fresh feel to it, making me want to immediately read Alice’s other books.

One thing that really stood out to me was the limited romance, and the platonic love. I haven’t came across many other books that address asexuality (also gay, demisexual and bisexual!) and it’s so fantastic reading about it. Radio Silence certainly doesn’t force any sexual feelings and that’s something that makes it unique.

I cannot find a flaw with this wonderful piece of work, and I highly recommend Radio Silence to anyone who doesn’t mind feeling all the feels the whole way through and then being left with the best book hangover.

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