Review: A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay

Jena lives in a society where Mothers create daughters to be tiny enough to fit into tunnels and collect the harvest to survive. One day, she finds herself starting to question everything.

The concept of this book is very intriguing and I had high hopes. The cover itself is stunning and reflects the story wonderfully. The writing was just beautiful, poetic in its own way.

I did feel like this book was very slow paced for the most part, but the adventure did kick in eventually and it was wonderful. I couldn’t put it down for the last 80 or so pages and this is where A Single Stone really redeemed itself.

I would’ve liked to get to know the characters better aside from their role in the village, so I could feel attached to the story more. Saying that, I did find myself still caring for a few characters but I can’t say that this book will stick with me for long.

I’m very conflicted on my final thoughts, A Single Stone is a unique book that has been written wonderfully, though it didn’t have as much going on as I would have liked.

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