Happy new year everyone! A little bit late I know, but better than never. I wanted to make a little post about my blog/reading plans for this year.

So, according to Goodreads I last successfully finished a book in September. I didn’t even realise it’d been so long. Because of this, I’ve set my reading challenge to 10 books, but will increase it if necessary.

I still have reviews I’ve yet to post on here, so I plan on posting them in the very near future just to get them out of the way ready for some hopefully new reviews!

I’m going to try to not put pressure on myself to get back into reading/reading a lot and often, because I want it to be something I’m enjoying rather than doing for blogging purposes.

I recently donated 21 books, so my to-read shelf looks somewhat less overwhelming and I’ve placed the books I most want to read at the front of said shelf. When I have the time and energy I’ll likely sort through the books on my kindle too. I’ve avoided buying any new books as I know there’s currently very little chance they’ll be read any time soon.

Well, I think that’s it for now!

Hope you’re all well 🙂

Georgia x

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