review: satellite by nick lake

leo has never been to earth. he would like to go home now.

where do i start with this wonderful, wonderful book.

i was really unsure about whether i’d enjoy satellite, i’m not a big reader of sci-fi but this book was just a thing of beauty. it was rich with stunning descriptions and a plot that leaves u unable to put it down. i felt so sad while reading satellite because throughout, leo doesn’t feel at home. in addition to this, he has no chance to explore his sexuality, which is something he wants to do. he also only knows two people that are the same age as him, and as he’s lived with them his whole life he feels like they’re his siblings.

now i know i said i felt sad, but i also felt happy while reading this book, both feelings at the same time. there are some truly magnificent moments that make u smile but also want to cry. cry because of how amazingly they’ve been wrote but also because the situation isn’t ideal for leo.

now, u might be wondering why i’m typing like this. well, that’s the way the book is written – u’ll get used to it. i personally loved this element and thought it makes the book unique.

the only sci-fi i’ve read that i can compare satellite to is the martian, which i wasn’t keen on because of all the science talk. i know, i know. but in this book, it was so easy to follow along and not get bored!

i would recommend this book in a heart beat, it’s simply amazing and deserves a whole lot of love.

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