Review: Life’s a Beach by Chloe Coles

In the latest installment of the Bookshop Girl series, Paige and Holly escape to seaside town Skegton-On-Sea to work at a book festival. What could be better than that?! Well, soon they find out that things won’t be as dreamy as they expected…

Having absolutely fell in love with Bookshop Girl, I was over the moon when Chloe wanted to send me a copy of Life’s a Beach before it’s release! I got reading it as soon as it arrived in the post, after skipping to the back to see my name in the acknowledgements and making an unboxing post, of course. I had my hopes set to maximum level and I tucked in.

My hopes? Needed to be higher because damn, what. a. book. I had tears from chuckling to myself so often. I honestly don’t know how Chloe is capable of making a book such a joyful, amusing, ray of sunshine. I know that just like with Bookshop Girl, whenever I’m in a low mood I can turn to this book and instantly be feeling better. I already want to re-read it to recieve the LOLs all over again.

If you’ve yet to read Bookshop Girl, Holly and Paige work at Bennett’s Bookshop – well, to be afford the expensive book festival tickets, they’ve worked a lot of additional hours. An unfortunate happening (aka Paige’s French teacher making her do a role play) caused the tickets to sell out before Paige could buy two, but luckily their grumpy boss Tony hooked them up, which resulted in them having to sell books and deal with authors that have big egos – such as Lady Minnie Rockwell.

A bunch of things don’t go to plan, but Paige does meet a hottie – who doesn’t steal books from underperforming bookshops! I am so glad for her as since Holly got into a relationship with the wonderful Jamie she’s been feeling a bit like a third wheel. She did sign off from romance, however, so I was interested in seeing how well she sticks to that!

Yet again Chloe has absolutely smashed it, and created another book that I will simply refuse to shut up about, which I’m not at all surprised about. You can pre-order this pure beauty here. Hot Key Books really lucked out with Chloe, and I’m dying for Book 3 already – set in Paris say whaaaa?!

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