Review: Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

When Wendy was six, her mother tried to kill her because she was convinced that Wendy wasn’t her child. Eleven years later, a guy named Finn comes along to tell her that she is infact a Changeling and that she has duties in a world of magic to tend to. Where will this lead and will Wendy find the required confidence to be in charge?

Warning: because this is a review of the whole trilogy, there may be potential spoilers, though I will try to avoid them.


Going into this book, I had previously heard of Changelings due to them being in Sue Bentley‘s We Other, so I was pretty excited! The prologue (which I read in store, and was my reason for buying this trilogy) had me beyond desperate to read further, and quickly! I was so full of questions. Reading Switched, it was like being teased. I’d get my answers and then more questions would emerge, and I honestly loved it.

This book was so fast paced that I read it in under 2 hours, taking only a short break to stretch. The author cut to the chase and I felt only included necessary writing, rather than adding a lot of fillers. I got attached to characters, especially Wendy, Finn, Matt and Maggie, and was really invested in the story. I cannot wait to see where book two leads!

Short story: The Vittra Attacks

Call me twisted, but I loved this story! I’m really curious to see why the Vittra want Wendy, and I want to find out more about them in book two.


Again, I loved this book. It just felt so solid, and it was such a quick, easy and gripping read. I loved seeing a different side of Elora, aswell as more depth to her, and I grew to dislike Finn while liking Loki more. I’m still dying for more details about the Vittra, though.

Short story: One Day: Three Ways

It was really refreshing reading other characters perspectives, especially Loki’s. I love the way these short stories add to the plot while being great in their own way, too.


This book is very action packed which I was living for. I love that Wendy is desperately trying to make changes for the world to be more ethical and equal. Loki is definitely one of my favourite characters. I absolutely loved the way this book ended, and I’m so glad about how things worked out. This might just be my favourite book of the trilogy.

Short story: Ever After

I am so happy! This story was so lovey dovey and I feel all warm. What a perfect ending to a fantastic trilogy.

Other stuff:

I read the majority of this trilogy during a bookstagram readathon.

It took me 5 hours, 28 minutes to complete all 972 pages of this trilogy.

I seriously love the cover.

This trilogy is a floppy paperback so the spine remains in perfect condition!

I cannot pick a favourite short story because I loved them all in different ways.

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If you have read this trilogy or think it sounds interesting, I highly recommend buying We Other by Sue Bentley.

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