A Day of Reading

As something new, I thought I would log all of the reading I do over a 24 hour period. I love readathons but I wanted to take it easy and show what I naturally read within the day, without rushing myself or applying pressure in any way. I hope you all enjoy reading this post!

Book 1

I Had Such Friends by Meg Gatland-Veness

Starting time: 1:15pm

Starting book percentage: 62%

Time it took to finish: 38 minutes

Thoughts: I adored this book! Definitely a favourite of the year so far. Full review to come.

Book 2

After the Fire by Will Hill

Starting time: 5:32pm

Pages read: 106

Time taken: 40 minutes

Starting time: 8:39pm

Pages read: 100

Time taken: 37 minutes

Starting time: 10:11pm

Pages read: 94

Time taken: 31 minutes

Starting time: 8:43am

Pages read: 102

Time taken: 36 minutes

Starting time: 10:46am

Final pages to read: 73

Time it took to finish: 25 minutes

Thoughts: wow, this book was incredible! Full review to come.

Side note: I’m really close to 100 followers so please suggest my blog to people you think will like it! Thank you so much everyone for all of your support 🙂


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