Review: Keep Going by Cara Compass

Review of this book initially posted on Goodreads, but I slightly changed it for this post.

“It is with great sadness that we must inform you there is an unstoppable, extinction-level meteorite headed for Earth. Multiple studies done in private over the previous days and weeks have confirmed our worst fears – there is absolutely no way of lessening the impact or diverting it off course.”

Finding the words to do this book justice is hard but I think giving it 5 stars speaks for itself! I backed Keep Going on Kickstarter all the way back in May 2017, so I am immensely happy that it’s finally coming into the world.

I love a good apocalyptic novel but Keep Going is something else. The writing is amazing and unique and flows so nicely throughout, I easily grew attached to the characters and really felt for them. Not to mention how much of a change it is to read about the actual apocalypse lead up, rather than oh my god I’m suddenly the only human alive everyone else is a zombie trying to kill me buildings are on fire what am I going to do? (though I do love those books.)

This was such a special and heartwarming book, I didn’t lose interest once and was so eager to find out how it ends, despite never wanting it to end. I genuinely can’t find a fault, Cara really has a talent. Whenever I read a book I have a habit of taking a photo or a screenshot of parts that really stand out to me and I took so many while reading this book. Asexuality and aromantic-ness are even brought up which is just wonderful!

“She kisses him, and somewhere behind them April memorizes the instructions of a steam cleaner she’ll never use, and a woman sits at her works counter and waits for the world to come to her.”

I just adore Keep Going, and it fills me with so much emotion. Forget simply getting attached to the characters, I am attached to the book as a whole. Please, please check this book out and fall in love with it as much as I have. Such a stunning debut that had the power to bring me out of a book slump.

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