Why I Love Libraries

Ah, libraries. A very warm place for a book lover! Whenever I visit one I always take a moment to appreciate them and I’d like to talk about why that is.

I find libraries very peaceful, especially my local one (aside from when there’s a toddler event going on…) – there’s something about being in a place full of books and the expectation to be quiet that puts me at ease. I love a nice quiet zone as it helps me destress or just relax for a while. I can completely (ok, mostly) seperate myself from the outside world while I’m there as there’s never any pressure or need to socialise.

I’m often finding books to add to my Goodreads TBR, or finding books that are already on said TBR that I haven’t been able to afford or wasn’t sure whether I’d like it so didn’t want to buy it incase. My TBR is neverending however, so how soon I actually get round to reading these books varies on my mood or excitement to read them. The magic of a library is that you (typically) have an incredible amount of choice! It would take me so long to get through all of the books that appeal to me. Sometimes I check out a book I’ve heard of but hadn’t previously been interested in for whatever reason, and actually really enjoy it but wouldn’t have gave it a chance if not free.

I feel like libraries help me be productive with my reading. If I’m in a slump or lacking motivation, simply visiting one never fails to add fuel to my weakened fire. It’s like a reset button gets pushed in my brain! If you can walk into a library and still have no desire to read I would be shocked. Another reason for this is that there’s little distraction (if you can resist the temptation to check out every book on the shelves). When I’m at home I check my phone way too frequently, which is a habit I am trying to break, but in a library I just don’t see the point and crack on with a good book.

Another thing, which in my opinion I find really cool and convenient and I can’t not mention in a library related post, is an app called BorrowBox, which is advertised in each library I’ve been in. It’s literally a digital library that has such a wonderful selection of books so when I don’t feel up to leaving my house I can download a book from there and read it on my phone. This isn’t quite the same as actually going to a library but I love it equal amounts due to how easy it is to access. I know some people would much rather a physical copy of a book but I love a bit of both.

I could go on about this for a long time but I think I’ve stated my main reasons. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a good day! Georgia 🙂

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